Lyrics. poems and anecdotes
Welcome, you come this far! Below are some lyric samples, poems with anecdotes
from my current book and blog items. More to follow, enjoy!

The Nomad

A nomad stopped here once before
Again this year
maybe never more
He let roots grow
Slower still
a flower grew,
not too late
it withered too.
So ever still a nomad
name blown,
no known,

(written 12/05/19)

Morning Oyster Musick lyrics

Gone So Many Years
(Everywhere Somewhere Is Nowhere, M.O.M 2017)
Gone So Many Years

Mary's Letter
(Everywhere Somewhere Is Nowhere, M.O.M 2017)
Mary's Letter


for Till Broenner

from “Love”, Till Broenner &
"Once For Every Heart", Mark Murphy (USA)
Our Game

Translations for Rammstein
A note about my translations for Rammstein:
If you go online looking for the english versions, you'll find controversy.
Rammstein's lyrics are complex and don't always translate word for word
in a way which fits the song (i.e. rhythm & rhyme schemes). "Du Hast/You Hate"
being a prime example. The translations I was hired to do and worked on
with Till Lindemann were done with singing in mind. That is to say,
word for word meaning took a back seat to the rhythm and the rhyme schemes in the songs.
If you don't speak German and you're looking for 'literal' translations, then
there are plenty of web sites (legal and illegal) with word for word meaning.
excerpts Engel/Angel
Sehnsucht - Motor Music GmbH 1997
(original lyrics & music by Rammstein/ English translations by R. Hoare)